You know, why some pieces can not fit together? because they are the same. Like us.

We are those same pieces. How could we fit together if we have the exact same size and curve? and no one wants to change its curve for the other half.

You and i knows each other too damn well, cause you know what’s inside my head and for sure i know what’s inside your head. When you did something and make up a reason, i know deep down what you’re hiding. And You do too.

Sometimes, what comes around goes around. Sometimes we share the same moment. Like we live in a parallel universe. Let me help you understand, when you did something, i did it too. When something happened to you, it happened to me too. And what comes to you, comes to me too. Something like that.

This time, i don’t know what you did or what comes near you that cause me to encounter this condition.┬áSo, dear. For this time. Let me be you. And feel it. How does it feel to hear something that i won’t do but deep down you know i’ll do it. Let me filled with the way you think and the way you do.

Cause we are exactly the same pieces. Therefore we always try to seek another chance to find the other pieces that will fit us while waiting each other to sacrifice, to change.

isn’t it? nope?

p.s :

Jodohmu adalah cerminan dirimu. Maka perbaiki, pantaskan diri masing-masing selagi menjemput jodoh kalian yah guys *ting